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Wayne Gillikin, Owner
2013 Marion-Bermuda Race

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When your dealing with 
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 you can be assured the service is personal.

"Elusive" Cal 39 Mk III
100th Stratford Shoal Race
I know you can purchase marine electronics from a lot of retailers so my objective is to always offer the lowest prices without compromising service.
As always if you have any questions please contact me directly.

Proteus Yacht Services and PYS Electronics have been in business since 2009 assisting our clients to keep their yachts in top condition, safe, and seaworthy.  Here in the northeast the boating season is mercilessly short so sitting on "the hard" waiting for someone to service your boat, mid-season, is infuriating and heartbreaking.  Our goal is to never have our clients standing on the dock while their boat is in the yard.  And when the unexpected does happen we do whatever is necessary to get the boat back in the water in the shortest possible time.

The electronics side of our business is focused on providing the finest electronic navigation, safety, and entertainment systems at the lowest possible prices.  And we install what we sell.  Unlike other installers, we only charge our installation customers the low prices listed in our on-line store.  Professional installation, if required, is charged separately, at competitive rates.  This alone can save hundreds of dollars on electronics projects.

Since we are boat owners we understand how expensive boating can be.  We also know how easy it is to get very little for your boat bucks.  We are proving, every day, that it is possible to be fair, frugal, and profitable.  We look forward to serving you.

Wayne Gillikin
Proteus Yacht Services